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One-sentence Wednesdays: oral hygiene edition

I get unreasonably irritated when I have to listen to someone floss or repeatedly rinse his mouth out in the third-floor men’s washroom of the chem building.

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Have you hugged a chemist this year?

In case you were unaware, 2011 is the International Year of Chemistry. It has a fancy logo and everything. No word yet as to whether the IYC has successfully lobbied to change the atomic number of carbon to 2011. According … Continue reading

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Snowstorm: The Musical: Live!

If you are Canadian, unless you actively avoid the news, you have probably heard about today’s snowstorm. It’s been reported in national news since Sunday: It’s somewhat understandable that it makes national news, given that a large portion of Canada’s … Continue reading

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One-sentence Wednesdays: childhood trauma edition

Once, when I went to a hypnotist show in middle school, the people on stage had to think everyone in the audience was a celebrity during the intermission, and someone came up to me and asked for Rick Moranis’ autograph.

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