About the header font

Helvetica, according to Wikipedia, was developed in 1957, which is the same year as the publication of Atlas Shrugged, a book the author of this blog has no real intention to read. It was also the year in which the longest filibuster of the US Senate was delivered by Democrat Strom Thurmond.

Helvetica is a sans-serif font. “Serif” should be pronounced such that it rhymes with “sheriff,” but not with the name “Sharif.”

Helvetica holds the distinction of being much more socially acceptable than Arial, due to its inclusion in public transit signage, its status as a t-shirt logo, and for not being a default font in Microsoft Excel.

Note that ironic “Helvetica” t-shirts may be obtained written in Arial font; these should not be accidentally worn as genuine Helvetica t-shirts, for risk of ensnaring oneself in a snippy argument with an amateur typography fanboy.

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