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A lane for cars, and bikes

(pompous soapboxing alert) Perhaps the most infuriating thing a driver can say to a cyclist while lecturing the (incorrect) rules of the road is “I’m a cyclist too.” Let me explain a little something about the way I tend to … Continue reading

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One-sentence Wednesdays: hard-hitting journalism edition

Keep up the good work, Globe and Mail.

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A Sharpie can turn a 5 into an 8 pretty easily, I guess

I read a great little Globe and Mail article this morning wherein Rob Ford decided that we needed to cut 75% of the city labour force. Or something to that effect, at least. I’m just going to take a page … Continue reading

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An open letter to Doug Ford

Dear Councillor Ford, This morning, I read an article in the Globe and Mail (Private toll tunnel under Gardiner appeals to Doug Ford) about some ideas you have for reducing traffic congestion that would not involve mandatory road tolls. I … Continue reading

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I’ve been sort of following the election, I swear! When I posted my first election piece almost two weeks ago, I was riding a personal high due to a rousing case of “hey, I might be healthy again.” And, as … Continue reading

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Election time! Party in the USA’s hairpiece!

As you may know (since, in all likelihood, you have stumbled across this post via a link in my Facebook and/or Twitter page, as I don’t have an actual readership), I have not updated in a while. I started up … Continue reading

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One-sentence Wednesdays: oral hygiene edition

I get unreasonably irritated when I have to listen to someone floss or repeatedly rinse his mouth out in the third-floor men’s washroom of the chem building.

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Have you hugged a chemist this year?

In case you were unaware, 2011 is the International Year of Chemistry. It has a fancy logo and everything. No word yet as to whether the IYC has successfully lobbied to change the atomic number of carbon to 2011. According … Continue reading

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Snowstorm: The Musical: Live!

If you are Canadian, unless you actively avoid the news, you have probably heard about today’s snowstorm. It’s been reported in national news since Sunday: It’s somewhat understandable that it makes national news, given that a large portion of Canada’s … Continue reading

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One-sentence Wednesdays: childhood trauma edition

Once, when I went to a hypnotist show in middle school, the people on stage had to think everyone in the audience was a celebrity during the intermission, and someone came up to me and asked for Rick Moranis’ autograph.

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